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We will take it that you have landed in Manila.


You have been travelling for close to 24 hours, spend your first night in Manila, relax and wind down.
Depending on where you are staying, your hotel will probably be able to arrange the transport to your next destination, if not then Swagman Hotel and Southern Cross Hotel are not far away.

Depending on your mode of transport:

Angeles City is about 2 hours from Manila by road.
Subic Bay is about 3 - 4 hours from Manila by road.
La Union is about 5 - 7 hours from Manila by road.

La Union is 55 minutes from Manila by airplane. (Zest Air)

If you are going straight from the airport and you have your hotel in Angeles City or Subic Bay booked, then the best option is to have the hotel send transport to pick you up.

After leaving the arrivals hall you will be bombarded with taxi offers, if you take one, then set the price first, take the number of the taxi and the phone number of the company, get a receipt. (Not recommended for La Union)

There are also Bus companies, (too may to list here), Partas is probably the best known and have the best equipment, you will need to get a taxi to the bus terminal, there are two that I am aware of, one in Pasay and one in Cubao.

There are two foreign owned bus services, one is Fly The Bus operated out of the Swagman Hotel, Manila, goes to Angeles City, Subic Bay, La Union and Baguio. The other is the Southern Cross Bus Shuttle operated out of the Southern Cross Hotel, Manila, goes to Angeles City and Subic Bay.

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